Android Phones Are Finally Getting An “AirDrop” Feature

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Android users wishing for an easier way to share links and documents are about to finally get the answer they’ve been looking for. Soon, Android phones will be getting an “AirDrop” type of feature that makes sharing files a whole lot easier. The feature will be called “Nearby Share” and will work almost identically to AirDrop on iPhones.

The Verge is reporting that users will also maintain the same options for visibility as with AirDrop. This means users will be able to make themselves visible to everyone, just contacts, or no one at all. Google says that the feature will also allow users to send files “anonymously.” That makes Nearby Share sound both intriguing and frightening all at once.

Nearby Share will work with select Android phones now, and Chromebooks will gain use of it at a later date. Currently, only some Pixel and Samsung devices running Android 6 and up can utilize the feature.

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