Burger King Champions Net Neutrality In New Ad

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I never in a million years thought I’d see a burger joint explain net neutrality better than congress. Yet that’s exactly what happened in a new ad from Burger King. The fast food chain debuted a new ad that perfectly showcases the nuances of internet fast lanes. This is where content providers have the ability to pay ISPs to prioritize their content over others. Ironically enough, the members of US congress seem to be looking past this entirely, taking the stance that states and ISPs will be able to perfectly govern what happens online, despite the obvious stakes involved. 

The FCC voted to repeal Obama-era protections, essentially giving ISPs free reign over content consumers can currently access online without fear of paid prioritization. While there has been no major developments yet, the writing is already on the wall. AT&T is proposing an “Internet Bill of Rights” which is aimed at giving customers and businesses access to a fair and open internet. It sounds great on the surface, until you get to the fine details in which basically grants ISPs the right to define what’s “fair and open.”

In Burger King’s commercial, customers are shown standing in line waiting for their meal. In the process, they discover that people who paid more for the same items were able to get their food much faster. In most cases people were distraught, upset that someone could essentially skip the line just by paying more. Others tried to reason with patrons, asking them why they’d pay more for the same food as everyone else. The ad is really thought-provoking, and while comparing fast food to the internet is a stretch, it still drives the point home. Check out the commercial below and let us know what you think about it in the comments section beneath the post.



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