Crunchyroll Adds New Tiers, Offers Offline Viewing

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Crunchyroll is adding new tiers to its streaming service and more functionality. In addition to the $8 ‘Fan’ streaming tier, the will be two more options available that will bring additional features to your viewing experience. For starters, there will a ‘Mega Fan’ tier that will cost buyers $10 a month. It comes with the ability to download your favorite anime to watch offline, up to four concurrent streams, and a discount in the Crunchyroll store.

The next tier up will be called ‘Ultimate Fan’ and will run subscribers $15 a month. This will be the biggest offering from Crunchyroll, as it retains all the features added in with the ‘Mega Fan’ bundle, and then some. Those who subscribe to the ‘Ultimate Fan’ package will get up to six concurrent streams, an annual swag bag, and exclusive merchandise offers.

The new tiers and offers are live on the Crunchyroll site right now, so you can head on over and sign up beginning today.

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