Donald Glover Posts Cancelled ‘Deadpool’ Script, Bums Us All Out

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If you haven’t been following, FX has cancelled the planned ‘Deadpool’ animated series written by Donald and Stephen Glover. That news came as a major surprise, as Deadpool has garnered tons of interest after the massive success of the live action film. Aside from an incredibly successful Marvel franchise, the show would’ve also benefitted from the attachment of Donald Glover, an actor with comedic chops and also in the middle of a meteoric rise. Glover, who also stars in another FX property in ‘Atlanta’ and his brother Stephen were attached as writers up until the announcement of the shows cancellation.

That’s where things get a bit murky though, as there’s been several unofficial explanations as to what caused the fall out. The most common reason seems to revolve around the all-too-common “creative differences” which is so broad, it could mean a million different things. Be that as it may, Glover recently took to Twitter to clear the air, and in the process, posted a 14 page “finale” script. The post contains (in my humble opinion), a pretty excellent finale episode full of classic Deadpool dialogue, and self-awareness.

The script itself has either existed for quite sometime and was modified recently, or was just recently created as it references several current events. Two of those just so happen to be the “who bit Beyonce?” farce, and oddly enough a reference to the shows cancellation after just one season. After reading the script, I’m hoping someone picks it back up with the Glovers still attached (OF COURSE) because it seems like it would’ve been hilarious. Especially when seeing conversations like this:

Deadpool: So where’s this big gray nutsack-skin covered unicorn?

Esiankiki: We’re hiding Sudan right now. He’s very weak. We’ve been doing all we can, but if he stays in captivity he will die. The problem is the poachers. They’re everywhere and they’ve been waiting for –

Deadpool: OH MY GOD!

Esiankiki: You see one?!

Deadpool: Sanaa Lathan bit Beyonce’s face! (scrolls)…Wait (relieved)…Oh thank God. It was Jennifer Lawrence. I already hate her. It’s fine.

Check out the script for yourself, and let us know your thoughts about FX cancelling the Deadpool animated series in the comments below!

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