Google Posts The Best Look At The Pixel Watch Yet

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Just hours ago, the team at Google just posted the best look at the Pixel Watch yet. We’re a few short weeks away from the Google Pixel event, and Google dropped a stellar video showcasing the upcoming wearable. In the video posted to YouTube, we get to see the watch face, the band, and several watch faces.

If the Pixel Watch functions anywhere near as good as it looks, it will easily slot in as the best Android wear device to date. From the video, we get a full look at the insanely round, deep black glass bezel and the different color cases. It appears the watches will mirror the same color palettes as the Pixel 7 Pro phones which means we’ll be getting black, white, and some sort of green option for bands, while the cases themselves appear to be black, silver or gold.

Fans may have to temper expectations around the Pixel Watch, as we know relatively nothing about the actual specs or performance capabilities. There’s been no word on pricing either, although some leaks are suggesting we could see a price range starting at $349.99.

The Pixel Watch will be Google’s next device into a portfolio of devices aimed at integrating users into a full-fledged Google ecosystem. We only have a few short weeks to see the full slate of Google’s devices as their fall event is scheduled to take place on October 6th.

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