HBO Is Making ‘Watchmen’ Free To Stream On Juneteenth

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It just got a whole lot easier to finally watch one of television’s best shows. HBO is making ‘Watchmen’ free to stream on Juneteenth. That’s right, beginning tomorrow and lasting through June 21st, you can catch ‘Watchmen’ for free on and select VOD providers. Hopefully, more and more people will be aware of sites like to find out about all the best new shows and movies coming to HBO, although it is already such a popular channel that they probably already know!

HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ series was met with critical praise after dropping on HBO late last year. The show provided a fresh and more modern take on Allan Moore’s graphic novel, and immediately erases the bad memories of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie.

The show was created for HBO by Damon Lindelof and was considered a continuation of Allan Moore’s 1987 comic. The show is set in an alternate reality in 2019, using Tulsa Oklahoma as a backdrop. The vigilantes that thrived in the comic have now been outlawed in part because of their violent nature. A white supremacy group known as the “Seventh Calvary” has forced police to have to conceal their identities thanks to an attack they launched on Christmas day in 2014.

The show was largely popular due to its ability to directly address race relations in America by using a fictional backdrop as a conduit. If you’ve been curious about what all the fuss has been about, or just need a new show to watch, head on over to HBO this weekend.

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