Here’s The First Trailer For Daredevil Season 2

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This is it guys! After initial reports and the subsequent confirmation that Jon Bernthal was going to be playing The Punisher, Netflix and Marvel premiered the first Season 2 trailer for Daredevil. In it, you can see Matt Murdock trying to keep Hell’s Kitchen together with peaceful vigilance, while the Punisher shows up hell bent on wiping crime out in a more violent way. The trailer perfectly highlights the struggles of both men as well as teasing the impending conflict between the two.

In perhaps the most powerful piece from the trailer The Punisher is addressing Daredevil directly, and he tell him, “You know, you’re just one bad day away from being me.” That sets the tone for this conflict perfectly as it showcases the unwillingness of the Punisher to bend and do things the “right way” like Daredevil. Season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil drops March 18th exclusively on Netflix, and there’ll be a second trailer for Season 2 that drops on February 25th.

For now, Enjoy part one of the Season 2 trailer for Marvel’s Daredevil:

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