Michigan State Celebrates Rose Bowl Win Like WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan

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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. photo courtesy of wwe.com

The Michigan State Spartans capped off an impressive Rose Bowl victory against the Stanford Cardinals on New Year’s Day. This was their first Rose Bowl win since 1988 and they actually went into the game as major underdogs. At halftime of the Michigan State men’s basketball game vs Ohio State, the Spartan football squad got to celebrate their win in front of thousands of students and faculty alike, and they did so in amazing fashion. Celebrating just like another amazing underdog, the WWE’s Daniel Bryan, the entire Breslin Center in East Lansing was filled with chants of YES!

Daniel Bryan who is quite possibly the most over superstar in WWE today, would usually hop down to the ring screaming YES! like a madman before every match, and just like in the Breslin Center tonight, the entire arena would be chanting right along with him. I can’t describe how awesome the scene was and the video doesn’t do it a ton of justice as it was recorded with my cellphone, but check it out anyway. I knew Daniel Bryan was over (popular), but this is simply amazing.

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