Peacock Will Soon Be The Exclusive Home Of The WWE Network

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NBCUniversal and WWE have announced a new partnership that will see the WWE Network joining the list of exclusive content on NBC’s streaming app Peacock. The two sides reached an agreement in late January that will effectively move all of WWE’s past content along with newly announced programming in March. Subscribers that are currently paying $9.99 a month for standalone WWE Network access will either see no change in what they pay now, or they’ll get a slight discount.

This will happen largely because the Peacock app will have two different tiers for subscribers to choose from. There’ll be a $4.99/month Peacock Premium bundle that gives you full access to all of NBCUniversal and WWE’s content so long as you’re willing to deal with ads. The second tier will be dubbed Peacock Premium Plus and will cost $9.99/month which is the exact price of the current WWE Network experience. It’s definitely a win for consumers as we’ll essentially get more content, ad-free, for the same price we were paying for just the WWE Network. I’m on board.

NBC and WWE have a long-standing relationship. In fact, the two companies started working together all the way back in 1985 with a prime time special on NBC called ‘Saturday Night Main Event.’ Those specials were used as a replacement in the normal time slot that ‘Saturday Night Live’ would normally air. From there, another NBC company, the USA Network began to broadcast ‘Monday Night Raw,’ the WWE’s flagship primetime show. With so much history between the two companies, it’s only natural for them to come together once again in an effort to pull more subscribers to their services.

Peacock is launching the WWE Network on March 18 and will broadcast every live WWE pay-per-view event beginning with Fastlane on March 21.

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