PlayStation Plus Price Hike for Our Friends Across The Pond

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Sony has been sending out emails to our friends in Europe letting them know that their PlayStation Plus subscription price is going up on August 31st. The monthly price increases from £6 to £7. The quarterly cost will jump from £15 to £20. The annual pricing is increasing from £40 to £50. Sony offers no explanation for the price hike but they do recommend that you check your auto-renewal settings if you are not willing to pay.  Sony says the pricing reflects current market conditions while being able to provide members the best service…blah, blah, blah.

Sony increased the price of PlayStation Plus in the U.S. and Canada last September, so it has finally made its way to Europe and Australia. So from now until August 31st you can buy as much subscription time you want to stack up on the savings before the increase hits.

Hopefully this rate hike comes with an increase in quality, freebies, and games. PlayStation Plus should make gamers feel like they are getting what they pay for. As it stands right now, I feel like Sony is just nickel and diming us. Not cool, Sony.

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