Stranger Things Season 4 Premiere Has A “Graphic Content” Warning Added

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Ahead of the season four premiere of ‘Stranger Things’ Netflix has added a graphic content warning to the opening episode. In the aftermath of the Robb Elementary massacre in Uvalde, Texas, Netflix added the warning ahead of a particularly gruesome start to the season.

The premiere episode will apparently open with a telekinetic massacre, that depicts dead children covered in blood. While the episode itself was shot over a year ago, Stranger Things creatives decided it best to add the warning due to how close the episode will premiere in relation to the timing of the Uvalde shooting. A Netflix spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter: “We decided to add the card given the proximity of the premiere to this tragedy — and because the opening scene is very graphic.”

Ironically enough, the episode warning will only be seen by viewers in the US. This is most likely in response to the alarming number of school shootings that occur in the US specifically.

‘Stranger Things’ season four is being split into two parts, with part one debuting Friday, May 27th, and part two debuting on Friday, July 1st. Check out the trailer below:

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