Streets Of Rage Arrives On Mobile Devices With Multiplayer Support

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Remember that super sweet Sega collection that we told you about earlier this Summer? Well, it just got a whole lot sweeter, as one massive Sega classic is now available to download. ‘Streets Of Rage’ is now available for players to grab from the Sega Forever game collection on both Android and iOS. This was one of my favorite side-scrolling brawlers growing up, and I can’t wait to check it out for myself. The coolest new addition to the game is the inclusion of a new local multiplayer mode that allows you to crack heads with a friend.

The multiplayer mode works cross platform, and allows you to clean up the streets with a buddy as long as you’re connected to the same WiFi network. Sega has also announced they’ll be upgrading both Golden Axe and Altered Beast to accommodate multiplayer very soon. 

Streets Of rage is available to download right now for free, but be warned, it’s ad supported. If you want to get rid of the ads and brawl completely uninterrupted, you can also buy the ad-free version. 

Head on over to the Google Play Store or App Store to grab the download, and start some solo or co-op raging!

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