T-Mobile Is Developing Their Own TV Streaming Service

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The service debuts on November 1st and is aimed at taking on “big cable” with affordable, no-commitment pricing.

Earlier this week, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert unveiled “TVision” which is T-Mobile’s new TV streaming app. Terrible name aside, the service sounds promising, as plans start as low as $10 a month with no annual commitment. Although there are several big names in the streaming space currently, T-Mobile’s offering is almost certainly aimed at stealing some customers away from AT&T’s “ATT TV” service. However, AT&T are definitely not the ones to give up, with their bundles (see here) they will be able to keep customers and potentially bring some more into their service. If a streaming service has always shown positive results customers are more than likely to keep staying.

For those of you who have recently made the decision to buy a new television, with an accompanying remote, from somewhere like VIZIO, and have decided to treat yourself to this streaming service, you will be glad to know that there are four different plans that customers can choose from. They come with varying channel lineups based on which package you select.

First, there’s TVision LIVE. Live news, sports, 100 hours of cloud DVR, and over 10,000 programs on-demand-all starting at just $40/mo.

  • TVision Live TV: $40/month for 30+ channels featuring top live news and sports including ABC, FOX, NBC, Turner, ESPN, and more.
  • TVision Live TV+: all of the above, plus 10+ more channels including The NFL Network, ESPNU, SEC Network, The Golf Channel, and more, for just $50/month. That’s $15/month less than YouTube TV, even with NFL Network.
  • TVision Live Zone: the best cord-cutting option for sports fans. At just $60/month, it includes all of the above, plus 10 additional channels, including NFL Red Zone.

Noticeably absent from each programming package is any kind of Warner Bros channels and or content, and that’s because those are the sole property of AT&T now. Either way, this is a pretty solid looking lineup and one that should be considered if you’re planning on cutting the cord.

TVision launches on November 1st and will be available initially to T-Mobile’s postpaid customers. The service can be streamed on Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, or Google TV via the TVision app. T-Mobile will also be selling a streaming device they call the “Hub” for $50.

Check out the full channel listing and availability right here: TVision Channel Lineup

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