The Internet Hated Sonic So Much, Paramount Is Changing Him

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The trailer for the official ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ movie dropped a few days ago to mixed feelings. Most people were swayed by nostalgia, excited by the fact that Sonic was finally getting a chance on the big screen. The vast majority of the internet hated Sonic so much, that Paramount is changing him.

The original Sonic, as shown in the trailer looked unreasonably awkward, a far cry from his video game persona. In this version, Sonic was made to look more friendly and a bit too much like a normal animal. Gone was his trademark frown that displayed a touch of attitude, and in its place were picture perfect teeth, and an almost child-like innocence. Fans essentially lost their minds upon seeing this, and almost immediately took to Twitter to complain.


While most of the complaints are based on Sonic's appearance alone. Other people are more concerned with the animators who will now have to work double time to fix Sonic before the film releases. The film's director took to Twitter as to address the concern personally. Assuring fans that they'd get a Sonic they deserve before the final cut debuts.


What do you guys think? Did you hate the original movie Sonic? Or is this a case of the internet over-reacting as usual? Sound off in the comments below!

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