The iPad Finally Gets A Full Version Of Photoshop

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You read that correctly. Beginning in 2019, the iPad finally get a full-featured version of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe announced an update for the iPad app during their Max 2018 event. The app will function exactly like its desktop counterpart, bringing an unprecedented amount of mobile photo editing tools with it. The app itself will have the same coding and algorithms found on the desktop versions used to make smart suggestions and color corrections. 

The iPad version of Photoshop CC will of course get a bit of a facelift to accommodate the touch only interface. Adobe is also intent on taking full advantage of the fact that users won’t have easy access to a keyboard on Photoshop for iPad. They will get around this by including additional buttons and interface elements that will give users the ability to switch between tools faster and more efficiently. This is done in hopes of making the experience even more seamless for those who choose to use the app away from desktop.

Perhaps the biggest addition coming with the new iPad Photoshop is the inclusion of cloud based PSD saves. By allowing users to access PSD save types, they’ll be able to edit files types from desktop on their iPads and see zero difference between interface types. This will give artists and photographers alike the freedom to work from wherever without having to worry about restrictions or loss of functionality.

There was no official release date revealed for Photoshop CC for iPad, but Adobe did constantly mention 2019. With the iPad Pro continuing to dominate tablet sales, this newfound partnership between Apple and Adobe will be lucrative for both sides. The only thing we’ve yet to learn about is whether or not this updated app will translate as well over to Android and most importantly their new tablet, the Pixel Slate.

Either way, this is exciting news for mobile designers and artists alike. Editing photos on the go just got a whole lot more interesting.

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