The Walking Dead Season 10 Trailer Premieres At Comic-Con

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In what has become an annual tradition now, The Walking Dead took over Comic-Con to debut the season 10 trailer of the hit show. The last few years, fans had a mixed reaction to the trailers for TWD, but this year was much different. The season 10 trailer looked like a return to form for one of tv’s highest-rated shows. This season looks fast-paced, the treats look menacing, and there will be more meaningful dialogue among the characters.

Stars of the show have also made it a tradition to announce their departure during Comic-Con. Last year it was Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, this year it was Michonne actress Danai Gurira. She emotionally announced her departure from the show during the Hall H panel, saying “the were other things she wanted to explore in her career.” The loss of Gurira as Michonne could prove to be a big one, as she was the last original link to the show’s anchor character, Rick Grimes.

With Michonne set to make her exit from the show, other castmates will get plenty of time to step up into more prominent on-screen roles. Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will most likely be in prime position for a bigger role, as his character plays a major part in helping decide the outcome of the impending Whisperer War.

New romances are also teased within the trailer, as we see Daryl and Carol spending a considerable amount of alone time together. We’re also going to (finally) get to see the comic book romance between Michonne and King Ezekiel play out on the big screen. Season 10 of The Walking Dead could prove to be one of the shows best yet. Faced with another major character departure, it definitely won’t survive another big ratings slump. Even still, the trailer looked awesome, so check it out below!

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