The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal Reveals Alternate Ending For Season Two

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rick and shane

Just hours ago at the Motor City Comic Con, actor Jon Bernthal revealed what could have been an alternate ending for the Shane and Rick confrontation. The two central characters were always headed for a collision, and although it happened earlier in the comic, it was inevitable in the TV series. The scene had been set for the final confrontation, and it delivered beautifully.

During a Walking Dead Character panel, Jon Bernthal revealed that there could have been a different ending for that conflict though, and it is pretty intense. The general synopsis is Jon wanted Shane and Rick to have their confrontation, but instead of simply being stabbed, Shane would force Rick to discard his weapon. At that point Shane would attempt to rouse Rick into killing him. After the stabbing, Shane would reanimate and Rick, having already disposed of his weapon, would have to grab Shane’s gun. At that point Rick would pull the trigger, only to have nothing happen. Check out the rest of the story in the video. REALLY GOOD STUFF!

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