Three Classic Super Mario Games Are Finally Coming To The Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch fans will soon have an even bigger reason to rejoice. The popular gaming company announced today that three classic Super Mario games are finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. It’s been a long time coming, and many fans have been wondering why it took so long for these titles to finally release on the Switch. Collectively you could argue that these three titles are among the best Super Mario games ever.

According to Nintendo, the games will drop in an all-new bundle called the “Super Mario 3D All-Star” bundle. The pack will include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. The titles span across three different generations of Nintendo consoles, and each one introduces a new gameplay element into the world of Super Mario. Super Mario 64 was the first truly 3D Mario game. Introducing players to a more robust, vibrant Mushroom Kingdom and gameplay that rewarded players for exploring. Super Mario Sunshine introduced an upgradeable backpack called FLUDD (Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dosing Device) which gave Mario different abilities based on which peripheral gamers chose to attach. Super Mario Galaxy was the third 3D Super Mario game that made use of the Nintendo Wii Nunchuck controller and allowed players to move freely across levels regardless of the axis.

Perhaps the most puzzling piece of all this is the fact that games will seemingly only be available for a limited time before they disappear again. All three titles are scheduled to drop on September 18th via the Nintendo e-Shop, and limited quantity physical cartridges will also be available. The game will continue to be sold through the e-Shop until March 2021, before going away again. If you intend on snagging a copy of the game, you’d better act fast!

Check out the trailer for the Super Mario 3D All-Star bundle below!

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