Three Things Apple Should Announce With The New iPhone

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Apple finally announced the date and time for their next iPhone event, and with it came a subtle tease about what they will be discussing. With a new iPhone comes speculation that Apple will be announcing everything from Magsafe chargers to the death of the notch. Apple has much to be excited about with the impending launch of the iPhone 12. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max helped move the iPhone camera back into the discussion of being the best smartphone camera available. The design and durability of the Pro series iPhone moved the device into a different stratosphere, and it showed that Apple is ready to truly move the brand forward.

So…What exactly does forward look like? Well, we have a few ideas on what Apple could announce in order to make the iPhone a definitive “must buy” this year.

Here are three things Apple should announce with the new iPhone.

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