Xbox Live Update Shells Out Some New Features

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Xbox owners can expect a plethora of new features, thanks to a software update headed to consoles. Beta testing has been ongoing since March and now it will be available to the masses. The biggest feature set to come out in Microsoft’s latest update is the ability to upload an image for their player photo Gamerpics. It allows gamers to upload an image from the console, Windows PC, or mobile phone to use as a custom Gamerpics, your club’s profile picture or background.  Microsoft does mention that images must adhere to the service’s code of conduct… so keep it clean.  Microsoft claims that this is one of their most requested features from Xbox users.

Another feature in this month’s update is the ability to link an Xbox Live Gamertag to a specific controller.  What this means is that if I have multiple users on one Xbox, I can designate a controller to my Xbox Live Gamertag.  When I hit the Xbox button on that controller, I will be signed in.

The Microsoft owned streaming service, Mixer, will get a co-streaming feature as well.  It will allow up to four people to play on their own consoles and stream as a party where viewers will be able to watch gameplay as a split screen. Now this co-streaming feature is nothing new for Mixer’s PC app.  Microsoft will also be updating the Xbox app on Android and iOS which will allow Xbox Game Pass subscribers to search the library through the app and also supports changing regions for the Xbox Store as well as incorporate new ways to search for groups.

Are these updates you are happy to see?  What would you like to see in the next update? Let us know.

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