Apps For Autism: Communicating A Need To Fit In

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  1. This is awesome. My wife teaches kids with Autism and she just got an Ipod Touch for her birthday! I’ll make sure she checks this post out.

  2. Avatar Hammie says:

    wow, thanks for the props there. Our app is a lot simpler than the ones that are based on existing AAC devices, but we wanted to encourage Verbal Behaviour in that the user must interact with a listener in order to have needs met. Autistic kids can mis-use the voca machines and apps, making sentences and pressing the “talk” button, without going to find someone to play the message to.

    Having said that, my very verbal autistic son LOVES Proloque2go as he types his film credits and catchphrases into it and then gets them “scripted” back to him by the electronic voice. Saves me a lot of breath!

    Grace also has a button for telling you where it hurts – so parents and carers can quickly prompt the user to choose the right picture for an obvious hurt like a scrapped knee, and then at the same time teach them all their body parts; the idea being they learn to tell you when something hurts on the inside.

    anyway, thanks again xx

  3. Avatar Red says:

    I am working on my masters in Autism Spectrum Disorder and it’s really exciting to see such quality apps emerging! I love hearing how individual children use them differently and the successes they have. I have also been told that ipads are now being used with those that lack the fine motor skills. I am looking into research and grants to try to get more devices and apps available to schools.
    Thank you!

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