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OK GO Made an Incredible Zero-Gravity Music Video

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OK GO is known for making some insanely creative, over the top videos for their lead singles. Known for pushing the boundaries of your typical music video, OK GO seems to up the ante with each new offering.┬áTheir latest video ‘Upside down & Inside out’ sees the group do some pretty amazing choreography inside an aircraft. In what initially looks like your standard floaty, flippy, spinny video, OK GO starts to turn things up a notch with zero gravity flight attendants, pinatas and even paint filled balloons. A Russian Airline named S7 partnered with OK GO for this video and will more than likely see a ton more traffic in the coming days as the group’s videos are known to go viral almost instantaneously.

Check out the video for yourself below:

3 thoughts on “OK GO Made an Incredible Zero-Gravity Music Video

  1. Thanks for fixing!

    Oh good golly. This must have been so much fun to film. I’d love to know how many ‘takes’ they had to do. Love the laptop bouncing in slo-mo in the background – ! This give a whole new meaning to the word acrobatics. And the paint splurge at the end was off the hook.

    Maybe the key to world peace is to just live our lives in zero-gravity. It would be so much of a hoot that no one could ever argue or fuss!

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