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iPhone 7 Design Leak Shows Off Updated Camera, Confirms Headphone Jack Is Gone

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According to a new video posted to YouTube by BeSound, the iPhone 7 may not be as “revolutionary” as we’d previously assumed.

In a pretty detailed video, the outer shell of the new iPhone was purchased from a parts supplier and subsequently shown off for the world to see ahead of its planned launch. While the outer casing certainly looks real, Apple could tweak a few things here and there before they choose to finally unveil it at their Fall event. In terms of the size, the iPhone 7 doesn’t appear to have changed much, thanks to a side-by-side comparison to an iPhone 6S.


At first glance, you really can’t tell the two apart, but those familiar with iPhone will notice the enlarged camera bump on the rear of the device right away. Apple has been rumored to be toying around with a new, higher res sensor for future iPhone models and it appears they have settled on one. There’s also a redesigned antenna band most likely to accommodate more LTE bands, but the most shocking confirmation about the new iPhone lies within the charging port itself. Along the bottom of the phone there appears to be an enlarged speaker grill and a single lightning USB port that will now serve as the access port for all your accessories. RIP headphone jack.

While the absence of the headphone jack on a pre-production housing part may not totally confirm that Apple is moving away from them, it does at least lend a little credibility to that notion. With this leak we may finally know what the new iPhone will look like, we will still have to wait for the official event before we find out what’s inside it. Check out the full video below for a more detailed rundown of the new iPhone shell, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!


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source BeSound

3 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Design Leak Shows Off Updated Camera, Confirms Headphone Jack Is Gone

  1. because its the best damn phone on the planet, compatible with everything and everyone, so long as you follow the well established rules from apple-

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