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My Double Down Experience

1 min read
By Rob Boggan
OK. So, this has absolutely nothing to do with technology at all, but my better half on the site, Mr. Johnny Mason posted what appeared to be discontent with KFCs Double Down sandwich. Well folks, I am literally 10 minutes fresh off of eating one and I must conclude one thing. SIMPLY AWESOME. To the person who sat at home and said, “Hey, I wanna make a chicken sandwich but I want chicken as the bread.” Kudos to you sir or madam, well done. So, the purpose of this post is to declare this week NATIONAL GET JOHNNY MASON TO TRY A DOUBLE DOWN WEEK. The goal is for both myself, and you the nerd faithful, to harass Mr. Mason into submission and getting him to eat a double down. So here’s your mission: harass him in the comments section of this post, bother him on twitter( @johnnymason ) let’s get this man to try a double down!!!!!
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