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Marvel’s Next ‘Fantastic Four’ Film Will Be Its Most Important

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We’ve seen this movie before… Well almost. Previous Fantastic Four films have largely been disasters, despite the franchise being one of Marvel’s most beloved. Interestingly enough, we’ve seen two different versions of a Fantastic Four universe that fans could be proud of, and both times resulted in a rather spectacular crash and burn. The first time was back in 2005 when we saw Jessica Alba and Chris Pine play the Storm siblings, while Ioan Gruffudd stepped into the role of Reed Richards, and Michael Chiklis played Ben Grimm. The casting felt slightly clumsy, but the film had some potential — at least on paper. Unfortunately thanks to some uninspired acting and a terrible script, the 2005 Fantastic Four film and its 2007 sequel, Rise Of The Silver Surfer were both critically panned. There was another attempt to revive the franchise in 2015, but we won’t even mention that one…

Now, almost ten years later, we’re staring down the barrel of yet another attempt to make a passable Fantastic Four movie. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed mightily since 2005 but still sits in a precarious position. The last few Marvel films have received less than stellar reviews, and the MCU just wrapped up its largest story arc since it began. They are in desperate need of another hit, and that is why the next Fantastic Four film will be their most important.

In addition to highlighting a foundational Marvel franchise, the Fantastic Four will feature some heavy hitters in their cast. For starters, they’ll have access to current Hollywood it-man and universal Swiss army knife Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards. Pascal has effectively turned every project he’s touched into gold (except Wonder Woman ’88…yikes), and brings with him an air of seriousness into this project. Vanessa Kirby, best known for her time as Princess Margaret on Netflix’s The Crown will play Sue Storm, while Joesph Quinn (Eddie Munson in Stranger Things) will play Sue’s brother Johnny Storm. The Bear’s Ebon Moss-Bacharach will play Ben Grimm.

Moss-Bacharach’s casting as Grimm is perhaps the most important one, as it marks the first time that an actor with a Jewish heritage will play the character. This is especially important as the comic character Ben Grimm has very strong ties with his Jewish heritage. It also marks the continued focus on rolling out diverse characters and making sure there is representation from all walks of life present in their projects.

On the flip side, The Fantastic Four is also home to some of the most evil and imposing villains from the Marvel Universe at large. The first, and perhaps most obvious is Galactus. Galactus has been rumored to join the MCU for a while now and with the introduction (or re-introduction) of the Fantastic Four, there’s a chance to bring him back. He was briefly teased during the 2007 Fantastic Four film, but never really materialized thanks to a largely muddled ending. The other villain is perhaps the biggest reason the Fantastic Four needs to succeed, as he is most likely going to be the next BIG BAD in the MCU. I’m of course talking about Victor Von Doom A.K.A Doctor Doom. Doom is the PERFECT villain to step into the massive void that will eventually be left behind by Kang, but also because Doom is a certifiable badass. He’s undergone many changes during his tenure at Marvel, going from someone who solely relies on technology, to being a full-blown sorcerer, and a constant threat to almost every hero within the Marvel Universe. He also happens to be a very large part of the Secret Wars, which happens to be the title of a future Avengers film.

So why does all this matter? Well, the Fantastic Four aren’t just any superhero team. They’re Marvel royalty, and their success (or failure) on the big screen could set the tone for the entire next phase of the MCU. With fresh talent and some intriguing villain prospects, this could be the movie that reignites our Marvel passion or, drives it further into the ground.

In short, the upcoming Fantastic Four movie isn’t just another superhero flick; it’s a beacon of hope for the MCU, a chance to introduce incredible diversity, and a potential turning point for Marvel’s cinematic universe. With a stellar cast, iconic villains, and the weight of Marvel’s future on its shoulders, this movie has all the makings of a blockbuster hit. Let’s cross our fingers and hope Marvel finally gives the Fantastic Four the epic comeback they deserve.

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