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A Letter From The Editor: Absentee C2E2 Edition

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This past weekend marked a monumental milestone as C2E2 celebrated its 15th anniversary with a star-studded spectacle at the McCormick Convention Center. Typically, this event ranks as one of my absolute favorite highlights of the year, a time when comic con enthusiasts can unite in a celebration of creativity and camaraderie. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for me this year, and I found myself experiencing the vibrant festivities from a hotel room in Grand Rapids, MI, thus breaking one of my longest-standing comic con attendance streaks.

Yet, the essence of this post isn’t just to lament missing out on C2E2—tempting though that might be. Instead, I want to talk about moving forward, about adaptation, and evolution. The landscape of comic cons is changing, with stricter requirements around press and media credentials. This shift challenges us at The Curated Culture to rethink our approach, to innovate, and ensure our content not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

At The Curated Culture, we hold a deep-seated commitment to our community—readers of this site, viewers on our YouTube channel, and listeners of our podcast. We owe it to you to deliver the best and most engaging content possible, while also acknowledging those times we might have fallen short. Our renewed dedication is more robust than ever, focusing on producing fresh, diverse, and captivating content that keeps you both informed and entertained.

What does this mean for you? Expect to see tighter integration across all our platforms, creating a cohesive and dynamic user experience. We’ve revitalized our website to offer a cleaner, more refreshing look, enhancing usability so you can more easily enjoy the content you love. Our podcast will resume its regular Wednesday schedule, providing the perfect antidote to your mid-week blues. Perhaps most thrilling of all is the transformation coming to our YouTube channel, which will soon become the epicenter for our longer-form content—including the highly anticipated return of our gaming segments. This is an aspect I’m particularly excited about, and I hope you’ll join us as we venture into this expanded universe.

As we navigate this new direction and usher in a new phase in the evolution of The Curated Culture, my excitement for our future journey together knows no bounds.

Let’s be great. LFG.

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