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Delta Bringing Free Wifi To All Flights Next Year

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Pretty soon, all passengers hopping on flights with Delta Airlines will be able to enjoy free wifi. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Delta is aiming to make free Wifi accessible on a “significant portion” of their planes beginning next year. Currently, the only people that can take advantage of this perk are those who have signed up for Delta’s SkyMiles rewards.

If all goes according to plan, Delta will begin rolling out free Wifi in early 2023. Additional Wifi availability won’t hit all of Delta’s fleet at once, but the planned upgrades are certainly a move in the right direction. As more jobs offer work-from-home or remote capabilities, having the option to connect from anywhere becomes even more critical. In addition to being a bonus for those working remotely, social media influencers, journalists, and most professionals would all benefit from wider Wifi availability. Which begs the question: Why is this JUST NOW becoming a focus?

By expanding its in-flight Wifi footprint, Delta would assuredly attract more connection-focused travelers. The most interesting challenge Delta will face, is making sure that it can provide Wifi that is both dependable and secure. We’ve all heard horror stories about hackers perching on free airport Wifi connections and stealing user data at will. Theoretically, there would be nothing stopping those same people from doing the same thing on in-flight Wifi, and as such, investing in upgraded security capability would be paramount to making this expansion genuinely successful.

While we still have a ways to go before this upgrade is officially announced and implemented, overall, it’s a step in the right direction. Users will have more communication and entertainment options as a result, which is most certainly a win for all consumers.

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