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Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta To Hit Android Phones Next Month

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In Nintendo’s continued effort to own every waking moment of our lives, they’ve announced plans for a Mario Kart Tour beta next month. The beta will be closed and available only to those who sign up via the official Nintendo site. Closed beta of course means there is only a few limited spaces available. Nintendo says if applications exceed the amount of spaces available (and they will), they will select participants at random.

So, what exactly is ‘Mario Kart Tour’ you ask? Well it’s essentially a mobile port of the insanely popular Mario Kart franchise. Characters from the famed ‘Super Mario’ game take control of go karts and special power-ups, and use them to gain an edge in a fast-paced race for supremacy. Mario Kart is legit one of my favorite games ever, and I’m extremely excited to see it leave the restraints of consoles and become available on mobile. Mario Kart Tour will debut with a closed beta on Android first, and then will trickle down to iOS devices when the final version is released.

The Mario Kart Tour beta will be available beginning May 7th and will end on June 4th. Android users can sign up for the beta here, and iOS users…..well….stay tuned for more updates.

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