Popular Overwatch Character McCree To Be Renamed As Fallout From Blizzard Lawsuit Continues

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Blizzard continues to rebuild after a sexual misconduct scandal rocked the popular gaming company. In late July, a lawsuit was filed by California’s Department of Fair Education and Housing accusing Blizzard of sweeping sexual harassment and discrimination within the company. Faced with the fallout from the lawsuit, Activision is taking damage control to a whole new level, going so far as to rename a character who was initially named after one of the employees named in the suit.

Female employees began coming forward in droves, alleging that several male employees had subjected them to sexual harassment and assault. Several key employees were linked to an infamous hotel room known as the “Cosby Suite” where much of the harassment happened during the company’s annual Blizzcon event. Initially, the room was named the Cosby Suite due to its dated carpet, but eventually became known for everything but.

As Blizzard and its parent company Activision creeps further into damage control mode, we’d expect to see more properties and characters that were influenced by the offenders hit the chopping block.

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