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Required Reading: Shattered Visions Vol.1

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Recently, I’ve rediscovered the wonderful world of graphic novels. Spending lots of time at comic cons, I’m frequently exposed to the latest comics and novels from major studios and independent artists. While I don’t have a particular favorite, there’s something about those indie novels that really stand out for me. The passion behind the project, the sometimes hilarious backstories, and most importantly, the possibility of discovering the next great comic are all reasons I love reading graphic novels. As a result, I’ll be bringing the latest comics and novels that I’m reading to you in a new featured column I’m calling Required Reading. Today’s novel is called Shattered Visions: The Villainous Saga, and it comes to us by way of RAE Comics and Dream Fury Comics.

Shattered Visions tells the story of Shatter, a cybernetically enhanced human anti-hero who wants nothing more than to watch the world burn. Standing in his way is a specially trained group of mercenaries, the Federal Military Service (FMS), corrupt politicians, and civil unrest that threatens to unravel everything before Shatter ever gets the chance.

The first volume of the Shattered Visions saga introduces us to the fictional dystopian city of Demotropolis and the chaos unfolding within. The first issue starts by introducing us to Malik Dume, a mayoral candidate within Demotropolis who will most certainly play a major role later in the series. Dume plays a lot like your classic series villain, but there’s also a small glimmer of good within him. Dume and Shatter are in perfect contrast to each other. They both have grandiose ideas of what the world is and should be and although their methods are worlds apart, they may have more in common than they know.

Shattered Visions has all the workings of a classic, well-rounded franchise. The book reads very well, and the story keeps a solid pace, with the action amping up continually through each book. The writers, TJ Sterling and Newton Lilavois carved out an excellent backdrop and a strong cast of supporting characters to tell the story of Shatter. Not only that, but the plot unfolds similarly to some of the best 80s and 90s action flicks. Big, punchy action sequences, lots of explosions, and of course those classic one-liners from the protagonist.

Reading through Shattered Visions, you’d never know that it comes from indie comic studios. The art that unfolds across each panel of the book is gorgeous and descriptive, immersing readers in the world of Demotropolis. There’s almost no wasted space on the pages, as the art and action perfectly bleed together.

I tried to find things about Shattered Visions that I didn’t like, but there honestly wasn’t anything. As previously stated, the book plays out like some of those top-tier Schwarzenegger/Stallone/Snipes flicks from the 90s. It retains all of the comedy, action, and dialogue from those movies, but packs it all into a punchy, vibrant comic. One that has me looking forward to the next chapter in the Shatter saga.

Overall, Shattered Visions is an excellent read, and one that I’d highly recommend you check out.

Shattered Visions is available in paperback and digital editions through RAE Comics.

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