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Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ Event Scheduled For July 26th

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Samsung is ready to unveil its latest foldable devices during their ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event happening on July 26th. It’s during Unpacked that we’re expected to get our first full glimpse at the Galaxy Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip, along with full specs for each device. While the Z Flip remains mostly a mystery, the Galaxy Fold was revealed a bit sooner than expected thanks to a leaker who initially shared images of the unreleased device on Twitter. Android Police snagged them before they could be deleted, and they show one of the biggest design changes headed to the next flippable and foldable devices: A new hinge.

In the images posted by @AhmedQwaider888, we see a Galaxy Fold with a new hinge design that allows the device to close almost completely flush. While most users have been asking for this for quite some time, I’m still a bit skeptical about it. I like that the hinge will allow Samsung to potentially shrink the device, but I’m concerned about the long-term durability of a display that completely closes. Look no further than the recent screen woes experienced by some Pixel Fold owners as evidence that maybe foldable phones need to have a slight gap between their displays.

Either way, the foldable phone market is certainly heating up, and Samsung still sits firmly atop the foldable throne. When they announce the latest devices in the Fold and Flip families, expect to see the industry react based on how Samsung moves.

With Unpacked just a few short weeks away, it’ll be interesting to see if any more details about the devices, how they look, or how they perform leak early.

Pictures via Android Police

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