Samsung Announces The Galaxy Z Flip 5 And Galaxy Fold 5

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Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the Galaxy Fold 5 during their annual’ Unpacked’ event. Both devices will be available on US and International wireless carriers and the Samsung Mobile shop later next month. Several journalists have gotten their hands on pre-release models of the devices and the general consensus is that both devices are excellent, but not largely different than their predecessors. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as both previous devices were considered some of the best in their respective classes.

For starters, Samsung has settled in at the top of the foldable phone market. They’ve carved out a nice chunk of sales between their Fold and Flip family of devices and were mostly unchallenged in their position until Google released its Pixel Fold smartphone earlier this year.

As far as design goes, prospective purchasers will notice that they are much like last year’s models, save for a few changes here and there. The Z Fold will retain the same screen sizes as the previous models but will have better sharpness and clarity. The hinge design has also been upgraded so that the phone will be completely flat when closed. The Z Flip, on the other hand, will also get an upgraded hinge design, and a larger external display, and both phones will also get the upgraded second gen Snapdragon processor.

Both the Z Fold and the Z Flip will stay within their perspective price ranges, with the Fold rocking a $1,800 price tag, while the Z Flip will retail at $1,000. They’ll hit shelves officially on August 11th.

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