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TikTok Goes Full-Screen

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In a surprising twist, TikTok may soon be encouraging its users to break free from the vertical video trend and start recording horizontally. The Verge recently reported that a select group of TikTok creators has been receiving prompts indicating that the platform will give a boost to videos recorded in landscape mode within 72 hours of being posted. To be eligible for this boost, users must have been active for at least three months, and their videos cannot be advertisements or originate from political entities.

This potential shift to horizontal video marks a significant departure from TikTok’s current norm of favoring vertically shot content. It also hints at a strategic move by TikTok to directly compete with YouTube, the reigning king of content creation platforms. The eligibility criteria for the video boost seem designed to reward long-term and dedicated users, fostering a sense of loyalty among the TikTok community.

If this move is indeed part of a broader strategy, TikTok could be aiming not only to encourage users to double-post their content on both platforms but also to lure creators away from YouTube entirely. However, such an endeavor is not without its challenges, as YouTube boasts a more extensive array of content creation tools and a more lucrative compensation structure for eligible creators.

One of YouTube’s key advantages lies in its superior payout to content creators per video, a factor that has contributed to its sustained popularity among creators. While TikTokers earn a decent income, YouTube’s financial incentives for eligible content creators are generally more substantial, providing a strong pull for those seeking to monetize their content.

Furthermore, YouTube has intensified its efforts to attract short-form content creators, a demographic that has thrived on TikTok. The introduction of YouTube Shorts, a platform dedicated to short-form videos, demonstrates YouTube’s commitment to staying relevant in this dynamic landscape. The increased support for Shorts aims to entice creators away from TikTok, offering them an alternative platform without compromising on content quality or earning potential.

As TikTok seemingly ventures into the horizontal video territory, it faces the uphill battle of challenging YouTube’s dominance. While TikTok’s vibrant and rapidly growing community is a formidable asset, it will need to match YouTube’s content creation tools and financial incentives to convince creators to make the leap. The competition between these two platforms is shaping up to be a showdown for the ages, and only time will tell which will emerge as the ultimate destination for the next generation of content creators.

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