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Dear Google, Please Fix These Things On The Next Pixel

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Now that Google Pixel leak season is in full swing, we’ve already got a taste of what to expect from the next Pixel devices. So far, we’ve been treated to a pretty standard affair. New camera assembly, better screen tech, yada yada…While Google typically makes some pretty solid devices, there are a few things that still need to be addressed. Sometimes, minor tweaks make for major improvements and these are the things I’d like to see improved with the next generation of Pixel phones.

For the love of God, please relocate the assistant and volume buttons

This is one of those things that might bother me and only me and if that’s the case, all other Pixel owners aren’t paying attention. As a content creator, I find myself using some sort of phone mount for a considerable amount of time. One of the biggest issues I’ve had from inception has been the location of the assistant and volume buttons.

Simply put, they sit entirely too low on the device. This causes an issue when using a mount of any kind, as most times the mount will end up flush against the volume buttons. This can be solved by changing the function of the volume keys while using the camera, but the issue remains a nuisance when using any other app, but especially while listening to music or using GPS.

The easiest fix would be to raise the buttons a bit higher on the assembly. Doing this wouldn’t require much change to the overall design of the device. With the introduction of smaller Pixels, this would ideally be the perfect fix.

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