Android 12 Already Experiencing Major Bug

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Android 12 has been available as a stable release for the better part of a month now. All Pixel devices and most newer Android devices are all compatible with Google’s latest OS. While being relatively well-received, a new report published by 9to5Google exposes a major bug within Android 12.

The bug is triggered when a user changes their wallpaper while an app is actively running. When this happens, the apps themselves are force stopped and restarted, which Android vets know can cause several issues within your apps. The problem lies within Android 12’s “Material You” UI and how the wallpaper is so deeply ingrained within it.

Google famously touted how with Material You, Android phones become even more personalized for you based on what wallpaper you use. Icons and accents themselves will change color to better match the color theme found within your wallpaper. This gives Android 12 a wildly unique custom appearance, but would also give something as simple as a wallpaper an unprecedented amount of access to background processes as well.

Typically, changing the wallpaper on your phone is no big deal, but as long as you’re using Android 12 it could be a giant headache. This is especially true if you use an app or Google’s built-in wallpaper changer. As of writing, Google hasn’t announced any plans to push out an update to correct this issue. We’d have to imagine this will be fixed with the next Pixel feature drop, but this seems like a relatively large oversight on Google’s part.

In the meanwhile, if you’re using Android 12 or one of the new Pixels, you may want to find a wallpaper you love and stick with it until this gets figured out.

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