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Apple Refreshes The Apple Watch Lineup With Two New Models

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The annual Apple Event occurred this year without very much pomp and circumstance. In fact, there were only a few new products announced this time around, and Apple’s biggest seller was completely absent. That’s right, during the Fall Apple event, they announced new Apple Watches and iPads, but no iPhone. That’s not to say there won’t be an iPhone refresh this year, but the absence of the iPhone from the event, all but confirms the long-rumored production issues COVID has caused.

Either way, the few products Apple did announce today were both exciting and, honestly kind of predictable. Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked things off to talk about the brand new Series 6 Apple Watch. There were quite a few improvements with the Apple Watch, but none that were particularly ground-breaking. For starters, users will gain several new tracking features that push the Apple Watch into the forefront of consumer-grade medical devices. The new Apple Watch comes with a new sensor designed to measure the blood oxygen levels of the wearer. That, combined with the built-in ECG make the Apple Watch a must-have for those who’ll need consistent monitoring of their levels.

In addition to the medical benefits, Apple is also launching several new fitness features into the Series 6 Apple Watch. Users will now have the ability to select specified workouts to have Apple Watch track for you. Now, no matter if you’re cycling, lifting weights, or doing yoga, your Apple Watch will accurately track your movement. There’s also a new Apple Fitness+ companion service launching later this year that gives users access to custom workouts on any Apple screen you use. Your health info from your Apple watch will also be displayed while you work out so that you can track your progress while you exercise.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the introduction of a new Apple Watch was the introduction of a few new colors as well. For the first time ever, the Apple Watch will be available in a sleek new Navy Blue, and an awesome looking Product (RED) colorway.

Apple is also introducing a new, lower-cost Apple Watch that they’re dubbing the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch SE serves the same purpose as the iPhone SE: To provide buyers with a more affordable product that packs many of the same features as the flagship. In this case, the Apple Watch SE maintains a lot of the same features from the Apple Watch Series 6, minus the ECG, Blood Oxygen Sensor, and the new always-on Retina Display. Both New Apple Watches are available for pre-order right now, and they officially launch Friday, September 18th. The Series 6 Apple Watch starts at $399, while the Apple Watch SE will start at $279.

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