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Apple Shuts Down Access To Third-Party iMessage App, Beeper Mini

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Apple has always been very protective of iMessage and has taken great measures to ensure that all access to iMessage goes through Apple servers. Despite various attempts to crack the code and allow non-Apple devices to send and receive messages through Apple’s proprietary network, none have been successful in the long run. Recently, Apple shut down another third-party iMessage app, making one wonder if there will ever be a legitimate third-party iMessage alternative.

Apple is known for being reluctant to allow third-party apps or peripherals to access or integrate with iOS or its security protocols. One of the most famous instances of this was when Apple banned Epic Games from selling add-ons for the popular game Fortnite outside of the App Store. Recently, 3rd party messaging app Beeper Mini was also affected by Apple’s IP protection policies. Beeper gained attention as an alternative to Sunbird, but Sunbird has subsequently pulled their app, and it seems Apple has since denied access to Beeper.

Beeper came into prominence after Sunbird announced they had to pull their iMessage support, and subsequently their app on the heels of some major security concerns. They set up and designed two separate experiences for users to be able to enjoy iMessage on non-Apple devices. Beeper Cloud, which uses a technology called PsyPush (a Python library that allows users to send end-to-end encrypted messages), and Beeper Mini. Beeper Mini worked by allowing users to sign straight into iMessage from Android devices by bypassing some essential Apple security checks. Beeper stood tall and not only continued to push their app, but they also announced some wildly ambitious goals for future features. Not only would they support iMessage they claimed, but they’d also move into full-blown support for FaceTime as well.

In a statement to 9to5Mac, Apple confirmed they’d killed access to Beeper Mini, saying:

At Apple, we build our products and services with industry-leading privacy and security technologies designed to give users control of their data and keep personal information safe. We took steps to protect our users by blocking techniques that exploit fake credentials in order to gain access to iMessage. These techniques posed significant risks to user security and privacy, including the potential for metadata exposure and enabling unwanted messages, spam, and phishing attacks. We will continue to make updates in the future to protect our users.

Apple statement to 9to5Mac

Apple has always been protective of the security of iMessage and has never allowed third-party access to it. However, in a recent announcement, Apple revealed its plans to support RCS in iMessage. This is a significant step towards better communication between iPhone and Android users. With this integration, Android users can now share high-quality pictures and videos with their friends and family who use iMessage. If Apple manages to fully integrate RCS into iMessage, it would be a major breakthrough in ensuring the security of each message sent and received through the chat standard, as compared to the unsecured SMS standard currently in use.

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