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ATT Giving Customers $5 Credit After Massive Network Outage

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AT&T suffered one of its most widespread service outages ever on Thursday. In return, the wireless carrier is offering subscribers a $5 bill credit.

Last week, a significant outage occurred on AT&T’s network, which impacted tens of thousands of its customers for the majority of the business day. After a day of investigation, AT&T confirmed that the root cause of the outage was an ill-timed software update. Initially, there were speculations that the outage was due to a cyber attack, but it was later discovered that AT&T was the only wireless carrier affected so severely.

In a post sent to their wireless subscribers, AT&T offered a half-mast apology, along with the offer of a $5 bill credit. The credit does exclude AT&T prepaid subscribers, Cricket customers, and AT&T Business customers. So, if you happen to be part of those specific groups, it looks like you’ll get an apology and a “have a nice day.”

While the idea of the service credit is nice in theory, many current subscribers have taken to X/Twitter to express frustration at the amount.

AT&T has yet to respond further about the outage or if they have plans to increase the amount of the billing credit for affected customers.

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