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Bianca Belair Becomes The Longest Reigning Black Champion In WWE History

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Throughout the existence of the WWE, they have been blessed with a plethora of superstar black athletes. Many of these athletes were featured acts within the company, but only a select few were privileged enough to hold a championship there. The Rock, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Jazz, and Miss Jacki are a few names that come to mind when thinking of great former black champs. They all had a chance to hold a championship within WWE, and some of them multiple times. None, however, were able to achieve the milestone that RAW Women’s champ, Bianca Belair just passed during their time within WWE.

Belair just passed 344 days as the RAW Women’s Champion and as such becomes the longest reigning black champion in WWE history. The previous holder of that milestone was MVP, who held the US Title for a total of 343 days. Belair is scheduled to face Asuka at Wrestlemania 39, where she’ll have passed the year mark as champ. To see Bianca holding the title for such a long time and be booked so strongly is a positive sign of the company’s faith in her abilities, her drawing power (ability to sell tickets) as champ, and her merch sales.

The last black champion who may have been as popular as Belair was Kofi Kingston, who saw his reign cut short by the buzz saw named Brock Lesnar. Yet even by those standards, Belair has leap-frogged Kingston by not only main-eventing Wrestlemania but also claiming a championship win in back-to-back years. The first of which came as she and Sasha Banks became the first black women to main event Wrestlemania.

Bianca Belair is the personification of “black girl magic” and will continue to make history, as she’s only been on the main roster for three years. The last big milestone for her to accomplish would be to claim a victory over WWE’s golden girl Charlotte Flair, making her the first woman to pin each one of WWE’s “Four Horsewomen.” For now, there appears to be no stopping her momentum, and I for one would love to see Belair get an insanely long run with the strap. When it comes to her tenure so far in WWE Belair doesn’t just make moments, she is the moment.

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