Cory Kenshin Accuses YouTube Of Racism

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A few days ago, famed Youtuber Cory Kenshin dropped a video on his channel accusing Youtube of racism and discriminatory practices. In a nearly 14-minute video, Cory lays out his case as to why he would levy such severe allegations against the same platform that made him famous.

The conflict started after Cory uploaded footage of himself playing a popular new horror game called ‘The Mortuary Assistant.’ The game itself carries a “Mature content warning” on the Steam store because it depicts “disturbing imagery, drug references, moments of self harm, and strong language.” So to be fair, ALL videos showcasing gameplay from this particular game should have been monitored for age-restricted content. Instead, Cory’s video and ONLY Cory’s video was hit with an age restriction.

Therein lies the issue Cory has with YouTube. His videos are typically the exact opposite of the type of content YouTube would usually have to monitor. Since the beginning of his channel, he has constantly produced family-friendly content, going so far as to censure extreme language from his videos. Unlike his peers, he personally edits every piece of content he posts, making sure it meets the high standards of his channel. Because of his meticulousness, he has amassed over 14 million subscribers in over a decade of producing content.

Citing all this, Cory launches into his beliefs that the massive content aggregator and their personal content review team either play favorites among content producers, they are racist or a combination of the two. Kenshin seemingly reached this conclusion after scouring YouTube and seeing dozens of other channels playing the same game, with the same content (minus the censored swear words) and none of them had received an age restriction. Having such a strike on a video can tremendously kill the momentum of a video, as it instantly alienates a large portion of a potential audience.

Since his video dropped, several other YouTubers have come to Cory’s defense, either directly confirming his accusations, or sharing stories of their own. In an insanely curious twist, another widely popular YouTuber, Markiplier (who is mentioned comparatively in Cory’s video) took to Youtube and in a sheer act of defiance posted a video blatantly daring YouTube to age-restrict it. As of writing, the video still hasn’t been restricted, which ironically enough, directly proves the point that Cory was trying to make.

Check out Cory and Markiplier’s brilliant videos below!

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