Dragon Puncher Book 3: The Dragon Puncher Punches Back Available Now

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The third book in the Eisner Award-winning ‘Dragon Puncher’ series is available in bookstores beginning today. ‘Dragon Puncher, Book 3: Dragon Puncher Punches back, continues the story of a Dragon Punching Cat, and his human sidekick Spoony. The duo’s adventures find them mistaking a ball of yarn for an evil dragon, but little do they know, they’re about to come face to face with the real thing!

A story 10 years in the making, Dragon Puncher Book 3, hits shelves on September 20th. If you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted read, you should definitely check this book out. We’ve included a sneak peek below:

Dragon Puncher comes from award-winning author, artist, and musician James Kochalka. Discovering a passion for art and comics early on, Kochalka has gone on to develop multiple award-winning series including Monkey vs Robot, Banana Fox, and Glork Patrol. You can purchase Book 3 RIGHT HERE, along with several of Kochalka’s other books.

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