DO NOT Buy An iPhone Right Now

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Of course I realize that title is a little click baity, but hear me out. Back to school time brings more than just anxious parents, angst-riddled children and semi-depressed teachers. It also signals the impeding arrival of a brand new iPhone, or if the rumors pan out to be true, iPhones. It’s also the time of year where vacations happen at a more break-neck speed, as families try to squeeze the last drops out of summer break. With that comes a higher chance that you or your kid might destroy their iPhone. This also seems to be the time where people finally stop putting off upgrading their dying device because it just so happens to be on its last leg.

Well….I’m here to tell you right now, JUICE THAT PHONE for as long as you can. There’s hope on the horizon.

Every September, Apple holds a special event in which they unveil the latest iPhone models to the public. Once the newest iPhone models become a reality, all the older models immediately receive a price drop. THIS, is when you want to finally take the plunge and get yourself that new phone, or add your kid to your family plan.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “But why Rob? Why wait if I need a phone now?” The answer to your question is simple: Because you’d get a better deal. Most wireless carriers and Apple themselves will typically have some sort of special promo going to get you into their latest. These special promos are often BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals, extended trade in value on your old device, or lower monthly installment plans on the older phones. This is also a time where Samsung and LG and Motorola will pull out all the stops to try to lure you away from your coveted iPhone and into their portfolio of devices. 

I’ve said all that to say this; unless your phone is dead and you didn’t add any sort of insurance plan on your device, don’t buy a new iPhone just yet. We’re just a few short weeks away from the official unveiling of new phones, which will equal better savings for you. 

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