Fortnite Drops Chapter Three Battle Pass Today

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Fortnite’s new Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass is available for download starting today. Fortnite’s Chapter Three Battle Pass brings several new weapons and skins, like Darth Vader and Indiana Jones, along with a new weapon class. There’s also a brand new area added to the map that will increase the availability of high-end loot for players throughout the season.

This season is called ‘Vibin’ and features the debut of a new powerup called the “Reality Tree.” The Reality Tree is found in the new forest biome, Reality Falls which features bouncy mushrooms and treasure-filled caverns. The biggest advantage of visiting Reality Falls is the availability of Reality Seed Pods. Players can plant these seeds to grow a Reality Sapling – which continues to grow in the same place match after match. Players can visit these saplings to harvest special loot from them. The loot continues to get better and better with each weeding, allowing players to even get mythic quality loot.

There are also new vehicles available for players to take advantage of this season. The ever-popular Ballers will be making a return with a few modifications. For starters, it has improved health and floats on water. It also has a new battery meter which when depleted, renders the vehicle useless. In addition to the Ballers, players will also be able to board wildlife like boars and wolves for mounted combat chaos.

In addition to new locales and vehicles, players will also see new weapons debut and classic weapons return. The Hammer Assault Rifle provides maximum power for mid range combat while the two-shot shotgun looks to become the new favorite for close range encounters. There’ll also be a new weapon class altogether in the Deisgnated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Heavy Snipers, Rift-to-gos, shockwaves, and striker burst rifles will make their return.

Players can jump into Fortnite and download the new Battle Pass beginning today.

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