‘Hard’ Mountain Dew To Hit The Market In 2022

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If you think the original Mountain Dew is punchy, wait until you try Mountain Dew Hard(pause). Pepsi and the Boston Beer Co., are teaming up to drop a brand new twist on the popular citrus-flavored beverage. Hard Mountain Dew is slated to hit shelves in 2022 and will be entering an already crowded hard seltzer market.

The drink will be available in three different flavors (original, black cherry, and watermelon) and interestingly enough, will be wildly different from its predecessor. Hard Mountain Dew will not contain any sugar or caffeine, and will instead focus on providing a unique and (hopefully) delicious experience.

There’s plenty of reasons for this drink not to exist, but looking at the market as a whole it’s easy to understand why it does. Hard seltzers are actually growing in popularity, capturing a portion of $30.5 billion in worldwide sales last year. As impressive as that number is, it’s expected to grow by another 27% in 2021. White Claw, Topo Chico, and Truly have all exploded in popularity as an alternative to hard liquor and beer. Mountain Dew’s namesake alone should put it in a good position to capture the market share within a short span of time.

via USA Today

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