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T-Mobile Suffers Potentially Massive Data Breach

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T-Mobile has been riding a wave of momentum lately, but depending on how this scenario turns out, they may be in for a dramatic fall from grace. Originally reported by Motherboard, T-Mobile has apparently been the victim of a massive hack. This all originated when an anonymous user posted they were attempting to sell data from wireless customers to a forum.

The post itself doesn’t specifically mention T-Mobile by name, but the OP did tell Motherboard the data was obtained from T-Mobile servers. The data that the seller has access to, is some pretty heavy stuff. They have allegedly been able to gain access to T-Mobile subscriber Social Security numbers, Drivers License info, physical addresses, phone numbers, and individual IMEIs for over 100 million customers.

While the seller has since had access to said servers revoked, they are claiming the data is backed up in several places. T-Mobile is currently investigating the issue, to see if it has any merit, and to what extent it will affect their customers. In the meanwhile, if you happen to be a customer of T-Mobile, it might not hurt to invest in some extra credit monitoring, just in case.

As of writing, the seller of the ill-obtained info is asking for a 6 bitcoin ransom, but I’d imagine the price will probably go up if T-Mobile ends up confirming the validity of the leak.

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