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Henry Cavill Will Reportedly Reveal New Superman DCEU Project At SDCC

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It’s been a long time coming, but fans of the Man Of Steel may finally have some news to rejoice about. Current Superman star Henry Cavill is slated to make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and it is reported that he will unveil the next Superman project from the DCEU. The last time we saw Superman in a DCEU film, was after the release of the critically praised “Snyder Cut” of Justice League.

While there’s no formal info on any projects, a new Superman movie would surely send fans into a frenzy. Besides Batman and Wonder Woman, Superman is one of DC’s biggest properties. With the recent success of Matt Reeve’s excellent ‘The Batman’ movie, now would be the perfect time to drop some new Superman content.

Personally, we’d take this rumor with a grain of salt as Cavill has been busy with Netflix’s The Witcher series, and season three is currently filming. While this doesn’t rule out an appearance, it does make an in-person one unlikely. This also means IF there are any plans for another Superman movie, we probably wouldn’t see it until 2024 or later. Either way, this is big news for fans of the DCEU.

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