iPhone 6 Digitizer Leaks?

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iphone6 digitizer2

In a week that will seemingly be known a leakageddon, the newest leak comes to us by way of a Chinese forum that seemingly showcases the digitizer from the upcoming iPhone 6. Originally surfacing on a french blog, there are a set of photos that may give us our first glimpse of the iPhone 6. In the leaked photo, the digitizers from the iPhone 4S and 5 are shown side by side, and right next to them is the alleged digitizer from the iPhone 6.

A few things about this image, it could completely and totally be bogus, it could be 100% legit, or, what I’m willing to bet, is that we are looking at an early prototype of the iPhone 6 display. Looking closely at the photo, it would appear that the screen size on the iPhone 6 will indeed be larger than previous models, without increasing the size of the device itself. While this is only the digitizer of the phone, it gives us a good idea of the direction Apple may be headed towards with the redesign of the iPhone 6.

Check out a few shots of the digitizers below, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

iphone6 digitizer iphone6 digitizer2

{via Nowhere Else}

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