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Jeff Bezos Is Stepping Down As CEO Of Amazon

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Jeff Bezos will step down from his position as Amazon CEO this summer, ending one of the most prosperous runs perhaps in all of history. Bezos has served as the company’s CEO since he founded it back in 1994. He oversaw nearly every facet of Amazon’s day-to-day operations and amassed unheard of personal wealth in the process. Current AWS (Amazon Web Services) CEO Andy Jassy will take Bezos’ place as Amazon CEO.

While he’s stepping down as CEO, Bezos will assuredly still be part of the company. He plans on transitioning to an Executive Chairman so that he can focus on other projects while Amazon continues to prosper. These new projects will most likely include his Blue Origins aerospace firm, which is perhaps his most ambitious project yet. He’ll also continue to oversee his “Bezos Earth Fund” which was created to aid companies in transitioning to 100% clean energy.

Amazon got its start as a small online book company, that has since expanded into the largest e-commerce site in the world. With its rapid expansion, Amazon forever changed the way consumers shop and continues to disrupt the retail industry thanks to its “Prime” express shipping program. Amazon has also grown into a tech and entertainment company thanks to its line of “Echo” smart devices, and Amazon Prime Video streaming service. Amazon can be seen at the epicenter of virtually every service we use now, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Andy Jassy has been with Amazon since 1997, starting off as a marketing manager. He started Amazon Web Services in 2003 and was promoted to CEO in 2016. Jassy has an MBA from Harvard Business School

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