No Man’s Sky Is Getting A Massive Update And Xbox One Version This Summer

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Fans of the space exploration simulator ‘No Man’s Sky’ will be getting the biggest update in the game’s history this Summer. In addition to the update, Hello Games also announced there will be a Xbox One version. This will undoubtedly be the single biggest update in the history of No Man’s Sky, and also its most important. Early in its launch No Man’s Sky suffered from a tremendous drop in user base, dropping about 60% of its audience after just 2 months on the scene.

No Man’s Sky has since rebounded, thanks to some crucial patches and updates that made the game more exciting to play. Hello Games will be bringing this update to gamers for free, and will continue to update their game the same way in the future. Playstation 4 owners have enjoyed exclusivity on No Man’s Sky since 2016, and now Xbox owners will be able to get in on the wildly ambitious space epic. The Xbox One and One X version will support 4K and HDR which will make an already beautiful game even more gorgeous. 

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