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Seth Rollins Is The Perfect Choice To Be The New WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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Yesterday, at WWE Night Of Champions Seth Rollins was crowned the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He took the victory over another fan favorite, AJ Styles. Either one of these men would’ve been an excellent choice as the initial World Heavyweight champ and would have given the title immediate importance. Seth Rollins was the perfect choice to be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and will lead Monday Night Raw as its top star.

Seth has been near the top of the WWE card pretty much since he’s been with the company. Surprisingly enough, it’s been nearly four years since Seth has held a World Title. In that time, we’ve seen Seth transform himself from the “Monday Night Messiah” to Seth “Freakin” Rollins becoming as dependable a star as anybody on the roster. He’s put together several impressive matches during this time, including matches against Bobby Lashley, Austin Theory, and most recently a five-alarm barn burner against The Miz on Monday Night Raw. His ability to build stellar feuds against almost anybody is a huge asset, but the first major feud he’ll run into as champ will be a defining moment for him.

So why choose Seth as the initial champion? The answer is simple: He’s the only person who can make that title important right out of the gate. Rollins has worked huge programs with the biggest names in the company, and more often than not, he’s come out on top. Seth has shown an uncanny ability to have great matches with just about anyone, and with a title that’s going to anchor the company’s biggest show, that’s exactly what the WWE will need.

In addition to being able to have great matches with other talent on the roster, Seth has also shown off stellar mic chops and the ability to play both a beloved baby face and a hated heel. It’s this flexibility that brings even more value to him as a title holder because it immensely expands the number of challengers he could see for the World Heavyweight title. As over as he is right now, there’s no heel turn in sight for him. That’s probably a good thing though because the biggest heel in the business could be gunning for Seth, and will surely be a gigantic first challenge for him as a new champ.

This is purely speculation, but all signs are pointing toward Brock Lesnar being the first major challenger to Seth’s newly acquired gold. Brock and Seth already have an incredibly storied history, and WWE has been foreshadowing Brock at least attempting to challenge for the World Heavyweight title over the last few weeks. After Brock and Cody Rhodes’ show-stealing match at Night Of Champions, and with Brock being unable to Challenge for the Universal title as long as Roman holds the title means Brock will surely be gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship. This will be the best first challenge for Seth, as he could come close to losing the title, but something tells me Brock and Cody still have some unfinished business.

Seth may not get the long, dominant run that Roman Reigns is currently enjoying, but the decision to put the World Heavyweight Title on him was the right one. His resume already speaks for itself, but I think we may be getting ready to see Seth kick it into an entirely different gear. Now that he’s been given the ball to run with again, and having Triple H behind the creative helm, we may be getting ready to see the best version of Seth Rollins yet.

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